Day Two


8:46 AM

Another Day, Another Topic

Good morning, and welcome to the FutureLab_17.This morning our international design students recieved a new task for today’s workshop: Smart Cuts – Insane Cardboard Packagings.

During the day you can watch the young designers in creating ideas for new purposes of cardboard packagings, developing concepts and finally build three prototypes of the new product ideas. You can join one of our three presentations during the day, to get insights into a design process. If you would like to get to know some more, feel free to also visit our booth at any time, we are always enthusiastic to answer your questions!


9:23 AM

The ideation Process

Right now the students of the FutureLab are scanning the ProSweets to create new ideas for cardboard packagings. This means getting inspiration from all the machines and materials in hall 10, in order to sketch the concepts afterwards. The team will create approximately 50 ideas in just two hours! Come and visit us for the next presentation to get an overview of the process.


11:23 AM

One presentation, 50 new ideas

The first presentation of today was a great success. Many visitors of the ProSweets were came to visit our 11 o’clock presentation, in which the students presented 50 innovative ideas in total. Due to taoda’s topic “Smart Cuts – Insane Cardboard Packagings” these concepts were all related to create new products with an convincing packaging made out of cardboars.
After the presentation the best six ideas were voted by the audience and the students, and will now be developed further.


12:18 PM

Developing Concepts

From more than 50 ideas six favourite approaches have been chosen. Our three teams now work on developing these ideas in detail to present them again at 13:00. Feel free to to visit the FutureLab, talk to our students or watch them creating new and innovative packagings!


12:40 PM

Afternoon Presentation

The concept presentations of today offered some more detailed insight into the design process of young professionals. The topic related to cardboard packagings was the starting point this morning. During the last hours six concepts were developed and evaluated to now be transfered into a rough mock-up/model of a new product.


12:44 PM


Soon, the final presentation of today’s FutureLab will be held at the Speaker’s Corner. Join us at 15:00 to see the outcomes of the current model making!


2:54 PM

Final Presentation of Today

The 12 international students of the FutureLab_17 just finished their last presentation of today at the ProSweets Speaker’s Corner. Presented were three prototypes of innovative cardboard packagings which the students have developed today. After showing the process and the final products the participants of the FutureLab_17 were interviewed and answered questions fromthe audience. Thank you for watching!


3:00 PM

Thank you for visiting!

Thank you to all the interested people that came to visit our booth today. It was fun talking to you!


10:44 PM

Three new Packagings made of cardboard

Today’s FutureLab is finished, three new ideas can be seen at the exhibition at our booth. Visit us tomorrow for more ideas!


Sweet Justice

Sweet Justice is a fun candy box of what would help you to solve the „who gets more candies“ between your
kiddos. Just simply enjoy your time while they got so play it out and decide themselves.
Consists of 2 separate parts: The expandable lid as the „table of justice“ and delicious chocolate candies in crazy chaotic sizes, Sweet Justice is more than just a candy box.
The mission is to keep this „table“ balanced by placing these candies in challenging places between the players. In the end all the chocolate would be divided evenly for everyone to have a sugar rush.

Super Lift

Super Lift is a cardboard packaging which visually translates the idea of lifting weights to carrying food. Each box graphically represents the image of a heavy object and the opening on
top provides room to insert the palm and carry the box, making the user look strong enough for a SUPER LIFT.


Tricky Sticks

Tricky Sticks – A-maze-ing- gummy fruit in a box – is a way of making eating candy even funnier! At this game you have to take a stick, pinch a candy (which you can‘t see the flavour) and try to drag it
to the right exit. If at the end the chosen candy doesn‘t fit the exit, you have to go back and try to find the right one! When you do so, enjoy it!