Day Two



Task of the Day

… and this is the task the students are working on:

Experienceable Packaging for …
1. Free from Foods (sugar/salt/fat/gluten/GMO/…)
2. New Ingredients (insects/seaweed/super food/…)
3. Certified food (organic/regional/fairtade/FSC/…)

The first ideas will be presented at 11:00 o’clock.



Drafting First Ideas by Sketches

The first thing to do after receiving today’s task is to put the thoughts into sketches.




Presentation of First Ideas

The first presentation of the day showed 57 fresh ideas to the audience. Students, professor and audience voted for the most attractive and potential approaches. Six of the presented ideas will be further developed into more elaborate design concepts and presented at 13:00 o’clock.



Here is an overview of the 57 ideas of today …




Elaborating Ideas into Design Concepts

Selected good ideas were elaborated into fine drawings explaining the functionality of the products.




Presentation of First Concepts

At the second presentation, the students showed six elaborated concepts, each based on one of the ideas from the morning. After the presentation, three concepts were chosen to be elaborated further into a visualisation which will be presented at 16:45.



Six concepts, ready for the next step:




Visit the FutureLab

At the FutureLab, design students from 8 countries are working on the tasks. If you have any questions, just come in and talk to us! There is a good chance that someone speaks your language …




Final Concept Presentation will start at 16:45



Modellmaking in progress

The student groups are working on their concepts, and the model making becomes more and more fast paced. Although there are only very limited resources at the trade fair and we have a very tight time frame, the students are eager to make a model which looks as good as possible …






Presentation of Final Concepts


Less is More

This packaging concept focuses on the main property of a product. With the first view, the customer intuitively gets the idea of specific ingredients, which is less which is more. The shape of package describes contents by itself. Customers experience the product by seeing, touching and, in the end, tasting.




The idea was to develop a certification sign for regional products in Germany. Therefore, we imitated the look of car license plates, showing the different cities the products are coming from.

When you take a look on the license plate of our products you will get information about the Country (D), the city (K), the certification and the type of product (M1LK = MILK). We also played with the words mixing letters and numbers to give it the original appearance of the usual license plate.




fairshare is a packaging concept that allows the consumer to acknowledge where the money of a specific product goes to. It especially focuses on the comparison between the farmer’s profit in comparison to the rest of the chain. In conventional farming, the farmer is the least benefitial stakeholder.

fairshare fights this injustice by supporting products that do not follow this unbalanced economical path and brings appreciation to those, who actually do the work. The difference between conventionally and fair traded products is highlighted by fairshares color coding on the packaging.




Exhibition of the Outcome at the FutureLab

The ideas and the of the models of the new product and packaging ideas are shown in the daily growing exhibition. While looking at the mock-ups please have in mind that this is just a very fast visualisation of a concept – not a perfectly elaborated prototype from an intense design process …