Presentation of First Ideas Will Start at 11:00



Task of Today

»Changing the Game«

Transforming Machines, Materials and Methods on Packagings and Products of Food



Transforming Technology into Design Inspirations

Students grabbed insights of the existing machines, materials, and methods from the trade fair and transformed them into novel design ideas.




Presentation of First Ideas

33 ideas about transforming the current technology were presented by students.



Ideas are voted by students and trade fair visitors. Six ideas remain for elaboration and are giving back to the student groups.



After the presentation: feedback on the developed ideas, but also on the presentations – style, articulation, body language, storytelling, understandability, …




Developing Ideas into Design Concepts

Testing materials, functions and textures with available objects.




Presentation of First Concepts with Mockups

Students presented their elaborate concepts from the findings of the fair by demonstrating the mechanism, the possible materials and shapes of the products.




Model-making in Progress



Our Design Process is Exhibited

Our exhibits are continually increasing. Welcome to stop by and talk to our students. We speak multiple languages.




Presentation of Final Concepts


Bulb Wurst

Netting light

The Bulb Wurst is a machine programmed to pack bulbs automatically into a net. The idea was developed through the observation of sausage packing machines to create a very special to light up an environment.




The machine-system creates a vacuum shrink bag around the product that has to be packed. The automation of the vacuum packing is exible to the customers’ requirements. The first idea was to use this packaging machine to wrap
around the foil after getting a tattoo.

In the following process, we decided that the foil for the machine already includes the tattoo print. So if you want a tattoo for just one day or to test a motive for a real tattoo, then you should use the TATTOO TADAA!




you decide

Imagine you go to another country, and you need a new shirt. But they have a completely different size-system – anyways even between the brands there are big differences.

We reused the concept of a label banding machine (bandall) and created the perfect solution.

If you enter a shop you can just step into the „Usize“ the machine attaches a band around your breast, your hip and your waist and you are ready to shop! Just use the length of three brands to compare them to the clothing in the shop. No need to try on, no need to step into weird conversations about your body, no need to be touched by a sales assistant.

„Usize“ is reliable, easy to use, it works in every country, and it is very discreet.




The Projects are exhibited at FutureLab

Our projects are exhibited at FutureLab.