8:31 AM

Change the Game

Today’s workshop is all about change. In order to find new purposes for existing machines the 12 students of the FutureLab are screening the ProSweets, to have a look at existing machines, materials and packagings. Within the next two hours the team will come up with 50+ ideas related to that topic. So don’t miss our next presentation at 11 o’clock with the topic:
Change the Game!
New purposes for materials, machines and packagings



10:57 AM

Two hours and plenty of concepts

The FutureLab presented new purposes for machines, materials and packagings they could find at the ProSweets. Each student created 5 ideas related to that topic, and presented them to the audience. After the presentation visitors and students voted for their favored ideas in order to get them developed further. If you would like to see how the process is going on and which concepts are implemented, you should visit us in Hall 10.1. We are looking forward seeing you here!


11:07 AM

Work in Progress

Currently the FutureLab-Team is developing several detailed concepts which will be presented at 12:30. Take a glimpse over their shoulders …


12:44 PM

Six Concepts for a new Scope

The six chosen ideasof the morning have been developed further and were presented to the audience. Proceeding with the model making, the students from the FutureLab are now diligently working on the final outcome for the presentation at 15:30. If you are interested in the FutureLab, join our presentation at the Speaker’s Corner.


1:34 PM

The Process of model making

Working on the final models (or mock-ups) for today, our creative team tranforms the FutureLab into a busy workshop. Stop by,  see how analogue rapid prototyping is done, or come and see the outcome in one hour at the Speaker’s Corner.


3:26 PM

Today’s FutureLab is finished

The third day of the FutureLab is over, and three brand new product ideas were created. Those concepts were presented at the Speaker’s Corner of the ProSweets. If you didn’t have the chance to come and listen, you can see the outcome also here… and in our growing exhibition at the stand.


3:36 PM

Third day, three products

Also our third day created three innovative concepts related to food packaging and processing. Today the outcome refers to the topic “Change the Game! New purposes for materials, machines and packagings”. All products are also exhibited at our booth, so feel free to visit and ask for more details. See you tomorrow at the last day of the FutureLab_17!

Prêt à cuisiner

We have all experienced shopping for parties and landing up with a deep pile of products that we don’t really need. Prêt à cuisiner, helps you shop for exaclty what you want without being distracted by other products that add to the shopping list. Every recipe comes with a pre-set tray that fits into the shopping box. Pick your recipe and shop easy.



Baguett-O-Drop is your one stop shop for all your baguette needs – No person required! Our machine will create a tasty baguette for you right in front of your eyes. With brand new technology, our robot arm can assemble the perfect sandwich for you, after you‘ve selected your toppings. Waiting doesn‘t feel so long and boring while watching the robot work for you. You want no tomatoes? Are you vegan? Extra cheese? No problem, the machine will obey. Your baguette will slide by on a conveyor belt while our robotic arm selects from various fresh ingredients to place on your bread. Don‘t worry about someone sneezing on your food because Baguette-O-Drop has one of the highest hygenic stnadards.You can mix and match all the different candies and try them all. In the end, you have a ring with all your choices that you can grab and go!


Shopside Down

Inspired by industrial rotation machines, Shopside Down is a new way to present products in a shopping window. The mechanism allows the prospective buyer to view all angles of the object, that rotates on two different axes: allowing a presentation of 360 degrees and an always changing motive in the window.