3:11 PM

FutureLab 2017

The Pro Sweets Cologne FutureLab starts on Sunday, 29. January at 9:00 o’clock …


8:39 AM

Welcome to the FutureLab 2017

At this year’s ProSweets FutureLab we will present the current work of the young international design team. Every day you will see new creative ideas and approaches, fascinating elaborations – and amazing new product prototypes. Feel free and visit today’s first presentation of the rough ideas of each team member at 11 o’clock.


8:45 AM

The first topic is revealed!

A few minutes ago, the student of the FutureLab recieved their first Briefing:

Just the right size – Single Houshold Portions

Currently the team is scanning the ProSweets fair to find interesting materials and packagings. You are invited to see the first ideas, which will be presented live on stage at 11:00.


11:49 AM

The first presentation of the FutureLab

Today’s eleven o’clock presentation was this year’s fist presentation. Every one of our design students created five frash ideas related to the briefing “Just the Right Size – Single Household Packaging”. All in all this made a collection of 50 design sketches, with concepts that were inspiered by machines and products found at the ProSweets 2017. All ideas were presented to the audience, and to continue with the design process, the six best concepts got selected by all the spectators. Now the students will proceed developing these prefered ideas, in order to present a more detailed concept at the next presentation. You are welcome to join us at 13:00 for the next presentation!


1:15 PM

One o’clock presentation

After the second presentation at 13.00 today, three final concepts were picked, in order to be modeled by the students within the next hours. So at our next presentation you get insights into the complete design process up to a rough prototype. Come and see the great outcomes of our students, and get an overview of what is possible in just half a day! The presentation will take place at 16.00 at the FutureLab_17. So stay tuned.


1:36 PM

Come and visit us!

Don’t be shy, come and visit the FutureLab_17, and watch young designers working and protoyping. The outcome will be presented at 16:00 at Speaker’s Corner. We are more than happy to take you into the process and answer your questions, maybe even in your home’s language.


2:10 PM

work, work, work

Right now the 10 students of the FutureLab are working intensively on building the models of today’s topic. Be curious and see the outcome in one hour at the Speaker’s Corner.


5:52 PM

Today’s final presentation

Starting at 4pm, our presentation took place at the ProSweets Speaker’s Corner. Every of the three groups presented the model of their concept of new packagings, suitable for single households. Don’t worry if you missed the final presentation, you can still drop by at the other days of the ProSweets. Furthermore the single outcomes are documentated daily in this blog, so just have a look below. After the presentation the students were ready to answer some questions regarding their studies and the work at the trade fair.


6:15 PM

One day, plenty of great ideas

Seven hours was the time our students had to work on the topic of  “Just the Right Size – Single Household Portions”. By following a quick design process today, they were able to show, how material or machine purposes can be changed into creating new and innovative product prototypes. They will be visible at our exhibition during the whole trade fair. We are looking forward to see you at the FutureLab_17!

Sweet O‘s
Mix‘n Snack. So, you would like to try all the candies but the packages are always way too big for one person. We have the solution! Sweet O‘s is a packaging system that allows you a variety of options in smaller packs.First, you get a ring that can be opened and closed. Then you get to choose from a selection of small bags filled with candy. Finally, you put your candies on the ring and off you go! You can mix and match all the different candies and try them all. In the end, you have a ring with all your choices that you can grab and go!

Jooles is a Japanese noodle box with 5 different varieties of noodles. It includes 100 gms (individual portions) of each noodle rolled up to form a 500g box. Each portion of noodle comes with a recipe and information about the type of noodle, allowing users to enjoy a new noodle recipe each day without having to open an entire packet just for a single portion.

little big bites
Little big bites is a snack that comes on a set of packages with different sizes that allows you to choose the pack according to your hunger. There are 4 possibilities:
„a tiny bite“,
„two bites“,
„more bites“
and „a lot of bites“.

Eat only as much as you feel like today!