Task of Today

»Products & Packagings with Great Abilities to Grab Attention in the Supermarket«



Building Teams and Sketching Ideas

12 international students are formed into three teams. According to the tasks about ‘extraordinary packages which welcome customers at first sight’ given last night, each student brings five ideas and puts them on Din-A4 white papers with colour pens.




Presenting First Ideas and Voting for Good Thoughts

More than 60 ideas unfold on the stage wall. Students propose their initial ideas to the audience. Each student and audience have five votes for the good ones. These ideas will then be developed into elaborated concepts.



Ideas are voted with red dots.



Teams select ideas they want to elaborate.




Group Discussion

Each group takes two initial ideas and transforms into design concepts.




Presenting First Concepts and Mockups

Concepts are visualised with the forms of mockups. Students explain how the products work.




Implementing Design Concepts by Model-Making

Mockup is the first step to analyse functions and visualise products. When the concepts are tested, they are further implemented into more elaborate models. We make models with cutters, rulers, papers, prints, and spray paintings.



We speak multiple languages. Every person is welcomed to talk to our students about their design process.




Final Presentation

Friend Boxes

The packaging reflects different human personalities according to touch. They pop up human expressions. The idea is to create a bond between the buyer and the product. Besides The product is a new concept for a sale option. You buy one box, and more will come with it.




The final concept is based on the idea that you have three different dimensions on the packaging to communicate information about the product. By shifting the product the image changes and reveals new information for the customer.


This concept can, for example, be used for:
– attracting different target groups
– presenting different product properties
(eg. flavor)
– present different ways to consume the
product / distinguish target groups


We used the third potential use and develops a packaging for chocolate sticks which you can either dip in hot milk to enjoy your hot chocolate, enjoy alone or share with your dearest.


Sticky Stains

Advertisement solution for liquids in grocery stores.


Counterpointing the cleanness of usual supermarket isles, sticky stains immediately catch the consumers attention in an entertaining way. What might seem like an unhappy incident at first sight, turns out be an innovative ad placing. It leads the customer directly to the advertised product and triggers his desire to buy it.


Sticky Stains can be applied to any liquid product such as wine, ketchup, soda etc. Individual solutions can be developed for each client. In this case, we created a death proof ketchup ad concept for Heinz.


The exhibition of our design process is at FutureLab.