Task of Today

»Cool Drinks 3.0«

New Packagings for New Drinks Combined with Online Benefits



New Ideas in Forming Process

Students use pens and papers to put down their creative ideas. Open discussion with teammates is very crucial to testify if the ideas are attractive.




Presentation of First Ideas

Combining drinks with digital technology, students bring out novel ideas about the Cool Drinks 3.0.



Initial ideas are examined by the public with votes.




Design Conceptualising in Progress

Ideas are growing into design concepts and tested with straightforward mockups.




Presentation of First Concepts

First selected initial ideas were developed into design concepts and presented to the public. Students demonstrated the functionality of their products with mockups.





Presentation of Final Concepts will be at 16:45

Join our last presentation at 16:45 at the FutureLab!




Model-making in Progress

The implementation of a design concept requires model-making. Students work with available materials around them to visualise ideas.




Visitors of the day



Presentation of Final Concepts


SUCK IT is an exciting drinking game for up to six digital natives. It is a perfect game for parties or pre-drinking.The players’ drinks are placed on the platform, and their mobile phones are plugged into the platform via USB. Once a player drinks from his drink he does not only taste one of the six delicious tropical avours but literally sucks energy from one of his opponents’ phone batteries. Since a dead battery is every digital native’s nightmare, he can only react with also drinking and trying to get the energy back. Via the SUCK IT app, the players get motivational messages to make the game even more exciting.




The rst idea was a bottle shaped like a frame of a polaroid picture.
In our final concept, we changed the design of the bottle to look more like an analogue camera. When you use #DRINKSTA you can personalize your pictures with fun emoji stickers and by adding lters. Take a photo with your phone and share your #DRINKSTA moments on social media.

#drinkstalife #drinkstalicious #drinksta

Check the Instagram account @drinkstaocial




The weather is nice, you would like to grab a drink and chill in the park? You‘d love to do something but you don‘t know who is around?

With the Dodalo barrel, you’ll never drink alone again. As soon as you open the barrel in the easy to carry packaging the people around you receive a notication and your GPS location is shared via google maps. Hence, you are easy to nd and believe us, after a few minutes you will make new friends or share a drink with your dearest.

And don’t you worry – visible for everybody, the amount of the drink left in your barrel is shared. Your friends on the way can just bring a new one if you are about to finish.

Enjoy your Dodalo moment `cause SHARING IS CARING!




See you next year!

The FutureLab workshop 2018 has closed successfully! See you next year!