9:37 AM

Welcome to the Final Day of the FutureLab!

After three intense workshop days here at the Future Lab, our final day at ProSweets Cologne 2017 has dawned. Today we will have our final presentation already at 13.30, so we changed the procedure a little. The topic was already announced yesterday evening, in order to allow the students to research the topic of:


Relock and Reseal – The art of opening and closing.


Therefore, the first presentation of today was a presentation of 55 concepts regarding opening and closing mechanisms. Since the final presentation today will be held at 13 o’clock, the team is already working hard on building the mock-ups. If you are interested in our design process, and which ideas the students came up with, visit us at our stand – or join our final presentation at the Speaker’s Corner at 13.30!



10:40 AM

A quick design process

Today our incredibly motivated students merely have five hours to design three concepts for new packagings and products related to the topic of “Opening and Closing”. That means a quick process of ideation and model making. Have a glance at how such a process looks like:


12:25 PM

… your host at this blog …

[Prof. Jenz Großhans speaking] I think it’s time to give an idea who is filling this blog with text and pictures … restlessly working to give the best impression what the FutureLab looks like. Thank you for your engagement!


1:59 PM

The last Presentation of the FutureLab_17

Thank you for joining our final presentation of this year’s FutureLab. It was a great experience for us to present the young designer’s work and include you into the process.  Join us also the next year to see again concepts for new and innovative packagings.


2:11 PM

The last outcome of this year’s FutureLab

Looking back on the last day of the FutureLab, we can say that we had tough challange today, dealing with less time, but had even more fun solving it! We are happy with today’s outcome, and happy for the interest from our visitors. If you didn’t get the change to visit us at the FutureLab today, you can review today’s mock-ups here:


Monster Roll

Monster Roll is a cookie packaging in form of a monster’s head, in which to take them you need to open his mouth. Do you dare to unroll the beast? The packaging is a two-squared-box with the opening area placed on the inside part at the middle. You can mix and match all the different candies and try them all. In the end, you have a ring with all your choices that you can grab and go!



You must think stinky shoes are usually bad right? Well, we hope we could change your mind with our new packaging design idea. About our products, since 2017, we have been producing the tastiest and stinkiest cheese you could find in the hard-cheese sector. „Stinky shoes“ is our special edition this year featuring our newest product. Don’t worry, the smell would be trapped under top-quality biodegradable plastic cover that is easily resealable to keep your fridge oder-free and authentic flavor for every serving.


Hidden Gem

We all know that one drawer underneath our desk in the office where we hide our sweets for the unobserved moments. That secret stash of sweets hidden somewhere now has a neat, organized and mobile box. Take it with you and hide it where you like and tell no one !


2:16 PM

Thank you very much, see you next year!

This years FutureLab went by quickly again, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
The ProSweets FutureLab 2017 was a great experience – for the design students, who worked hard every day to develop new ideas, and for the visitors, who came, talked to the students, asked questions and contributed with their discussions and their votings. Every day’s topic was based on suggestions from exhibitors of the ProSweets, who thereby gained new insights and fresh ideas on their business. The exhibition showed brand new product concepts, some of them apparently that convincing, that the models were already stolen from our stand ….

We are very happy for your interest, and we are looking forward to see you again next year at the ProSweets Cologne 2018!