The future is nigh.

New Materials
New Ideas.
New Concepts.

FutureLab at the Anuga FoodTec 2015 is a design workshop supervised by Prof. Jenz Großhans (KISD). Twelfe international design students create the packaging and product concepts for the sweets and snacks of tomorrow.

Every day there is a new task, every day there are new results.
Look over the young designer's shoulders, exchange views about the current work and experience the creative process in the walkable Design Studio.

The best thing about it is: You can participate hier by recommending tasks.

A day in the FutureLab:

make it so!

09:00 Uhr: The daily task is revealed to three design teams. New materials, new requirements, new problems: how might international designers make the best out of it? The clock is ticking. Visitors have the opportunity to propose interesting tasks.


11:00 Uhr: A pile of ideas are developed and presented to the public. Any idea is evaluated - what has potential?
Visitors can vote which approaches should be chosen to be processed and adapted.


13:00 Uhr: The most promising ideas will be developed and implemented. A first prototype is build with materials gathered at the fair. A name and the product graphics are created.
Visitors are encouraged to interact with the students, to ask questions or give suggestions.


16:45 Uhr: Time is up. Three brand new product concepts are presented. In the daily growing exhibition all results of the workshop are shown.
Trade fair visitors thus have direct access to the latest ideas and thoughts of young designers from all over the world.


Do you have a task for us?
Is there an area that desperately needs some fresh ideas?
In the FutureLab at Anuga FoodTec 2015 your task can be processed.
Simply fill out the form, and have your problem be our assignment.
See you on the Anuga FoodTec 2015!

Data privacy
Your email address will only be needed in the event that your task was selected and we want to contact you. Any additional storage or further use will not take place.

Please note: FutureLab strengths are more in general than in specific tasks. For each problem a number of ideas will be developed, which do not claim to be implementable immediately. FutureLab usually creates several approaches which illuminate new aspects to start new creative processes. Due to time constraints not all tasks sent in can be taken into account.

Examine the tasks of the FutureLabs Anuga FoodTec 2012:

Jungle in the refrigerated section
Packaging concepts for chilled products which make a statement in the chiller cabinet

Qualities of »Biodegradebale Plastics« visualised in the packaging

Cool Drinks for Cool people
Drinks for special occasions: new products and container

PDO Protected Designation of Origin
Underlining the regionality of regional products through packaging